Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What browsers are supported?

Internet Explorer version 7 or higher with JavaScript enabled. 

Firefox version 3 or higher with JavaScript enabled.

Safari version 3 or higher with JavaScript enabled.

Chrome version 10 or higher with JavaScript enabled.

Q: What is the myJCC portal?

The myJCC portal is a place where you can find Jefferson Community College's services and information in one place.  The myJCC portal provides resources that you will use for everyday tasks.

Q: Who can access the myJCC portal?

Students, staff, and faculty are able to access the portal.

Q: What is my username and password?

Your username is the combination of your first initial, your last name (all in lower case) and the month and day of your birth date (MMDD format). Omit spaces and punctuation. Your password is your birthday, in six-digit format (MMDDYY).  Here are some examples:

  • John Doe was born June 5, 1985.
    ID = jdoe0605
    Password = 060585
  • Jane Doe-Smith was born October 13, 1976
    ID = jdoesmith1013
    Password = 101376
  • Jill O'Conner was born December 31, 1960
    ID = joconner1231
    Password = 123160


Q: What if i forgot my password?

To navigate to the password reset web page click here

Q: Do I have to be on campus to access the portal?

You do not have to be on campus to access the portal.  The portal can be accessed through any supported web browser.

Q: Can I access the portal through my mobile device?

As of now the portal can not be accessed with your mobile device.  Portal usage with mobile devices will be coming soon.

Q: What services does the myJCC portal provide?

The myJCC portal provides access to email, Blackboard, and SOAR.

Q: I heard the word "portlet" used. What does that mean?

Portlets are small web applications that run in a portion of a web page.  They are also referred to as applications.


Q: What is the QuickLaunch Navigation Application?

Quick Launch icons, or External Applications, provide access to commonly used applications such as Exchange, Blackboard, SOAR, etc., with a single click. The icons are placed in the top left corner of the Home page (i.e., landing page).  In most cases these will be Single-Sign-On to allow you to gain access to the application via your portal username and password, without maintaining separate sets of credentials. Some of the External Applications will be configured as Non-Common sign-on, meaning that the first time you click on the icon to access that application via the portal, you will be prompted to enter your username and password for that application. After this initial login, the portal will store your credentials, and you will be able to access the application by simply clicking on the icon, without entering your credentials.

Q: Why do I receive a message about secure and non-secure items when I use myCampus Portal?  How do I turn them off?

The myJCC portal uses encryption to make sure that your data is secured.  Some of our portlets pull in information from external sites (RSS feeds / Top Stories, weather, etc.) and this information is not encrypted. That's what generates the warning. To turn off this warning message, click here

Q: Where do I report problems with the portal?

To report problems with the portal you may leave a comment in the suggestion box.

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